Uttar Pradesh Police Officials Contact Numbers, and Phone Numbers

Uttar Pradesh Police Officials Contact Numbers, and Phone Numbers information given here. They are responsible for law and order situation in the state. The Uttar Pradesh Police is the law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining law and order in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the largest police forces in India, with more than 2 lakh police personnel. The police force is headed by the Director General of Police (DGP) and is divided into different units, including the Crime Branch, Anti-Terrorism Squad, Traffic Police, and others.

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Uttar Pradesh Police
Uttar Pradesh Police


Uttar Pradesh Police Officials Contact Numbers, and Phone Numbers

The police work to prevent and investigate crimes, maintain public order, and ensure the safety and security of citizens. Please note down the following important phone numbers for your future use:

Agra Zone IG Contact Number: 0562-2265736 (Office), 0562-2460211 (Camp)
Agra Range DIG Phone Number: 0562-2463343 (Office), 0562-2263343 (Camp)
Agra SSP Phone Number: 0562-2250106 (Office), 0562-2227255 (Camp)
Firozabad SSP Phone Number: 05612-285110 (Office), 05612-285052 (Camp).

Mainpuri SP Phone Number: 05672-234442 (Office), 05672-234402 (Camp)
Mathura SSP Phone Number: 0565-2505172 (Office), 0565-2404600 (Camp)
Aligarh Range DIG Contact Number: 0571-2400404 (Office), 0571-2400408 (Camp)
Aligarh SSP Contact Number: 0571-2401150 (Office), 0571-2703110 (Camp).

Etah SSP Phone Number: 05742-233319 (Office), 5742-233303 (Camp)
Hathras SP Contact Number: 05722-232100 (Office), 05722-276100 (Camp)
Kasganj SP Contact Number: 05744-247486 (Office), 05744-247488 (Camp)
Allahabad Zone IG Contact Number: 0532-2424630 (Office), 0532-2420710 (Camp)
Allahabad Range DIG Contact Number: 0532-2260527 (Office), 0532-2260527 (Camp).

Allahabad SSP Phone Number: 0532-2641902 (Office), 0532-2440700 (Camp)
Fatehpur SP Phone Number: 05180-224413 (Office), 05180-224288 (Camp)
Kaushambi SP Phone Number: 05331-232771 (Office), 05331-232773 (Camp)
Pratapgarh SP Phone Number: 05342-220423 (Office), 05342-220403 (Camp)
Chitrakoot Dham Range DIG Phone Number: 0519-2220538 (Office), 0519-2220738 (Camp)
Banda SP Phone Number: 05192-224624 (Office), 05192-220444 (Camp).

Chitrakoot SP Contact Number: 05198-235500 (Office), 05198-235435 (Camp)
Hamirpur SP Contact Number: 05282-222329 (Office), 05282-222224 (Camp)
Mahoba SP Contact Number: 05281-254068 (Office), 05281-244474 (Camp)
Bareilly Zone IG Contact Number: 0581-2511199 (Office), 0581-2510833 (Camp)
Bareilly Range DIG Contact Number: 0581-2511049 (Office), 0581-2427075 (Camp)
Bareilly SSP Contact Number: 0581-2457021 (Office), 0581-2427003 (Camp)
Budaun SSP Contact Number: 05832-266342 (Office), 05832-268308 (Camp).

Pilibhit SP Phone Number: 05882-257183 (Office), 05882-257182 (Camp)
Shahjahanpur SP Phone Number: 05842-222553 (Office), 05842-222415 (Camp)
Moradabad Range DIG Phone Number: 0591-2435532 (Office), 0591-2435532 (Camp)
Amroha SP Phone Number: 05922-253288 (Office)
Bijnor SP Phone Number: 01342-262026 (Office), 01342-262002 (Camp)
Moradabad SSP Phone Number: 0591-2424291 (Office), 0591-2424293 (Camp)
Rampur SP Phone Number: 0595-2350996 (Office), 0595-2350080 (Camp).

Sambhal SP Contact Number: 05921-243117 (Office), 05921-243118 (Camp)
Gorakhpur Zone IG Contact Number: 0551-2200797 (Office), 0551-2333777 (Camp)
Basti Range DIG Contact Number: 05542-246487 (Office), 05542-246487 (Camp)
Basti SP Contact Number: 05542-246904 (Office), 05542-246309 (Camp)
Sant Kabir Nagar SP Contact Number: 05547-222892 (Office), 05547-226891 (Camp)
Sidharth Nagar SP Contact Number: 05544-222183 (Office), 05544-222302 (Camp)
Devipatan Range DIG Contact Number: 05262-230777 (Office), 05262-230777 (Camp)
Bahraich SP Contact Number: 05252-232892 (Office).

Balrampur SP Phone Number: 05263-233100 (Office), 05253-232490 (Camp)
Gonda SP Phone Number: 05262-230544 (Office), 05262-233177 (Camp)
Shravasti SP Phone Number: 05250-222328 (Office), 05250-222715 (Camp)
Gorakhpur Range DIG Phone Number: 0551-2201047 (Office), 0551-2200668 (Camp)
Deoria SP Phone Number: 05568-241400 (Office), 05568-222311 (Camp)
Gorakhpur SSP Phone Number: 0551-2200858 (Office), 0551-2200773 (Camp)
Kushi Nagar SP Phone Number: 556424-240093 (Office)
Maharajganj SP Phone Number: Not Available with us.

Kanpur Zone IG Contact Number: 0512-2305918 (Office), 0512-2304461 (Camp)
Jhansi Range DIG Contact Number: 0510-2333351 (Camp)
Jalaun SP Contact Number: 05162-252237 (Office), 05162-252233 (Camp)
Jhansi SSP Contact Number: 0510-2333340 (Office)
Lalitpur SP Contact Number: 05176-277100 (Office), 05176-278100 (Camp)
Kanpur Range DIG Contact Number: 0512-2536036 (Office), 0512-2530663 (Camp)
Auraiya SP Contact Number: 05683-249618 (Office), 05683-244887 (Camp)
Etawah SSP Contact Number: 05688-254041 (Office), 05688-253333 (Camp)
Fatehgarh SP Contact Number: 05692-234410 (Office), 05692-234206 (Camp).

Kannauj SP Phone Number: 05694-235439 (Office), 05694-234808 (Camp)
Kanpur Dehat SP Phone Number: 05111-271211 (Office), 05111-271296 (Camp)
Kanpur Nagar SSP Phone Number: 0512-2304407 (Office), 0512-2530517 (Camp)
Lucknow Zone IG Phone Number: 0522-2235470 (Office), 0522-2399833 (Camp)
Faizabad Range DIG Phone Number: 05278-224247 (Office), 05278-224248 (Camp)
Ambedkar Nagar SP Phone Number: 05271-244445 (Office)
Amethi SP Phone Number: 05368-244200 (Office), 05368-244800 (Camp)
Barabanki SP Phone Number: 05248-222277 (Office), 05248-222244 (Camp)
Faizabad SSP Phone Number: 05278-224214 (Office)
Sultanpur SP Phone Number: 05362-240301 (Office), 05362-240302 (Camp).

Lucknow Range DIG Contact Number: 0522-2393350 (Office), 0522-2719200 (Camp)
Hardoi SP Contact Number: 05852-234749 (Office), 05852-234694 (Camp)
Kheri SP Contact Number: 05872-253210 (Office), 05872-253210 (Camp)
Lucknow SSP Contact Number: 0522-2628965 (Office), 0522-2625983 (Camp)
Raebareli SP Contact Number: 0535-2202315 (Office), 0535-2701736 (Camp)
Sitapur SP Contact Number: 05862-248315 (Office), 05862-242229 (Camp)
Unnao SP Contact Number: 0515-2820228 (Office), 0515-2820202 (Camp)
Meerut Zone IG Contact Number: 0121-2763664 (Office), 0121-2763733 (Camp)
Meerut Range DIG Contact Number: 0121-2666866 (Office), 0121-2666866 (Camp)
Bagpat SP Contact Number: 0121-2220578 (Office), 0121-2222395 (Camp).

Bulandshahr SP Phone Number: 05732-280705 (Office), 05732-280338 (Camp)
Gautam Budh Nagar SSP Phone Number: 0120-2514750 (Office), 0120-2549330 (Camp)
Ghaziabad SSP Phone Number: 0120-2820758 (Office), 0120-2820157 (Camp)
Hapur SP Phone Number: 0122-2315625 (Office), 0122-2315628 (Camp)
Meerut SSP Phone Number: 0121-2664634 (Office), 0121-2660548 (Camp)
Saharanpur Range DIG Phone Number: 0132-2761795 (Office), 0132-2761795 (Camp)
Muzaffar Nagar SSP Phone Number: 0131-2436394 (Office), 0131-2437474 (Camp)
Saharanpur SSP Phone Number: 0132-2727143 (Office)
Shamli SP Phone Number: 01398-254803 (Office), 01398-255100 (Camp)
Varanasi Zone IG Phone Number: 0542-2502600 (Office), 0542-2501433 (Camp).

Azamgarh Range DIG Contact Number: 05462-260249 (Office), 05462-260201 (Camp)
Azamgarh SP Contact Number: 05462-260403 (Office)
Ballia SP Contact Number: 05498-220373 (Office), 05498-220312 (Camp)
Mau SP Contact Number: 0547-2500620 (Office), 0547-2500127 (Camp)
Mirzapur Range DIG Contact Number: 05442-256366 (Office), 05442-257401 (Camp)
Mirzapur SP Contact Number: 05442-252578 (Office), 05442-256655 (Camp)
Sant Ravidas Nagar SP Contact Number: 05414-250236 (Office), 05414-250285 (Camp).

Sonbhadra SP Phone Number: 05444-252631 (Office), 05444-252614 (Camp)
Varanasi Range DIG Phone Number: 0542-2502644 (Office), 0542-2509400 (Camp)
Chandauli SP Phone Number: 0541-2262480 (Office), 0541-2242679 (Camp)
Ghazipur SP Phone Number: 0548-2220568 (Office), 0548-2220568 (Camp)
Jaunpur SP Phone Number: 05452-261203 (Camp)
Varanasi SSP Phone Number: 0542-2502644 (Office), 0542-2502655 (Camp).

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