Sikkim Raj Bhavan

Sikkim Governor Email Address, Phone Number, Office Address and More

The Governor of Sikkim is the supreme post / designation in the government. The Governor enjoys the post as the constitutional head of the state of Sikkim. The current Governor of Sikkim is Ganga Prasad Chaurasia. To send your help request, autograph request, and any other things, please use the contact details given in this article.

So, let’s see contact information of Sikkim Governor, such as Residency Address, Office Address, Contact Number and More.

Sikkim Raj Bhavan
Sikkim Raj Bhavan

Sikkim Governor Office Address, and Residence

The Governor of Sikkim lives in Gangtok in the official residence. Please note down residence address / home address of the Governor of Sikkim: Raj Bhawan Road, Sungava, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101.

Sikkim Governor Office Address is also the same as above. Please send your query to the address mentioned here. Please try to make your query as brief as possible.

Sikkim Governor Phone Numbers and Contact Numbers

To talk with the office staff of the Governor office, please dial Sikkim Governor on this telephone number +91- (03592) 202410. Alternatively, please send your letter to this Fax Number: + 91- (03592) 202742.

Please also note down another Phone Number: +91- (03592) 202400 to talk with the staff.

Governor of Sikkim Email Address and Official Website

An email is one of the quickest ways to approach any personality. We strongly suggest you to use email as medium of communication for help request. Please note down email address of Sikkim Governor:

For more information, please visit official website:

The above mentioned details are obtained from the official website only.

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List of Previous Governors of Sikkim

The following list is of the former Governors of Sikkim.

  • Kona Prabhakar Rao
  • Bhishma Narain Singh (additional charge)
  • K.V. Raghunatha Reddy (additional charge)
  • P. Shiv Shankar
  • Homi J. H. Taleyarkhan
  • S.K. Bhatnagar
  • T.V. Rajeswar
  • Radhakrishna Hariram Tahiliani
  • Sudarshan Agarwal
  • V. Rama Rao
  • R.S. Gavai (acting)
  • Shriniwas Dadasaheb Patil
  • Balmiki Prasad Singh
  • Chaudhary Randhir Singh
  • B.B. Lal
  • Kidar Nath Sahani
  • Shriniwas Dadasaheb Patil

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Article last re-published on December 22, 2020.

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