Vadodara Municipal Corporation Phone Numbers, Contact Numbers, Email ID, and More

Vadodara Municipal Corporation Phone Numbers, Contact Numbers, Email ID, and More details given here. To pay taxes online, or have any query regarding taxes, then these numbers can be useful. You can pay taxes online by visiting the official website of VMC Baroda. It is one of the best ways to save time and efforts.

In this article, we have provided contact details of Vadodara Municipal Corporation including Phone Numbers, Contact Numbers, Email ID, and More.

vadodara municipal corporation
vadodara municipal corporation

Vadodara Municipal Corporation Phone Numbers, Contact Numbers, Email ID, and More

You can get in touch with VMC Municipal Commissioner on his phone, here is number 2433344. You can also send your query through an email

You can also contact VMC Dy. Municipal Commissioner (A) on telephone and email. Here is telephone number 2433233, and here is mobile number 9909919529. You can also contact VMC Deputy Commission on email, /

You can also get in touch with Dy. Municipal Commissioner (Health) on phone, and mobile. Here is contact: PBX-255 and mobile 9099901399. You can send your email

I/c. Dy. Muni.Commissioner (South Zone) Shri Fuljibhai J. Charpot 9825801935
I/c. Dy. Muni.Commissioner (West Zone), Addl. City Engineer (Building Project) Shri Alpesh G. Majmundar 2431741 9825801934
I/c. Dy. Muni. Commissioner (Land and Estate & North Zone) Shri Shaileshkumar H. Mistry 2433517 9825801964
O.S.D., Departmental Enquiry, Accounts Dept., Accessment Dept., Shop & Establishment Dept., Octroi Cell Shri Rameshbhai M. Patel 2433538 9825801931
I/c. City Engineer Shri Pravinbhai M. Patel 2433399 9825801961
I/c. Addl. City Engineer (GAS), HoD (Mech. Solid Waste) Shri Shailesh. K. Naik 9825025787
I/c. Dy. Muni.Commissioner (East Zone), I/c. Addl. City Engineer (Drainage Project), H.O.D. (Futuristic Planning Cell) Shri Dhirenkumar N. Talpada 2411057/ 2431741 9879509207,
Medical Officer of Health Dr. Devesh M. Patel 2432050 9687606671
Director (I.T.) Shri Manishkumar S. Bhatt 2435646 9727250159
Municipal Secretary Shri Chintan Desai 2419906/ 2419907 9825802161
Chief Auditor Shri Harikrushna M. Rao 2419908 9825025792
A.M.C. (North Zone & L.E.- Commercial) Shri Sureshbhai S. Tuver 2792505 / PBX 9825803116
I/c. A.M.C. (R) & Departmental Inquiry Officer Shri Thakorbhai R. Gandhi 2792505/ 2412097 9825801145,
I/c. A.M.C. (West Zone) Shri Bhupendra M. Sheth 2433344/ 2351221 9879615028
A.M.C. (South Zone) Shri Jigneshbhai V. Gohil 2641805 9687654943
I/c. A.M.C. (East Zone), Project Officer (U.C.D.) Shri Kavitaben P. Desai 2465798 / 2372565 9879595043,
Addl. Medical Officer Health Dr. Mukesh A. Vaidya 2562010 9099025929
Director (Parks & Gardens) & I/c. Director (Planetarium) Shri Vitthalbhai R. Shikhalia 2794170/ 2792362/ 2794152 9825801939
Director (Enchroachment Removal & Security Office) Shri Mangeshbhai P. Jaiswal PBX 9825110612
I/c. Chief Officer (Fire & Emergency Services) Shri Dipak P. Gunjal 2413635/ 2413753/ 2413754 9879615036
Chief Accountant Shri Santosh H. Tiwari 2432003 9925028515
Exe. Engineer (Building Project) Shri Mukund G. Patel 2658697 9879592251
Exe. Engineer (Central Stores , East Zone) Shri Pramodbhai C. Vasava 9879583369,
Exe. Engineer (Water Supply) Shri Rajeshbhai R. Chauhan PBX 9879000704
Exe. Engineer (Drainage, Strom Water Drainage) Shri Rajesh R. Shimpi PBX 9925033674,
Exe. Engineer (Futuristic Planning Cell) Shri Pareshkumar Patel PBX 9879000706
Exe. Engineer (Bridge, Traffic) Shri Amrut M. Makwana 9879555092,
Exe. Engineer (Road) Shri Dharmikkumar B. Dave 9879500278
I/c. Exe. Engineer (West Zone) Shri Prakash J. Brahmbhatt 2331113 9879555059
I/c. Exe. Engineer (North Zone / Parks & Gardens / Zoo Dept.) Shri Rajendra H. Vasava 2785116 9925204680
I/c. Exe. Engineer (South Zone) Shri Anup M. Prajapati 2658697 9879000713
Exe. Engineer (Affordable Housing- PMAY, MGY, BSUP, RAY) Shri Navendu G. Parikh 2438050 9879000711
Town Development Officer (B.P.) Shri Jitesh R. Trivedi PBX 9825411089
I/c. Solid Waste Manager, Environmental Engineer (Solid Waste Dept.) Shri Kashyap R. Shah 2427517 9879505255
I/c. Exe. Engineer (Street Light, (Ele./Mech.)-Sewrage D Works), Dy. Engineer (Street Light) Shri Bharatbhai D. Rana PBX 9879000701,
I/c. Exe. Engineer (Water Supply-Ele./Mech.), Dy. Exe. Engineer (Water Supply) & work of City Illumination Cell Shri Kaushik S. Parmar PBX 9879000702
I/c. Exe. Engineer (Mech.) Shri Dharmesh Rana PBX 9825801942
Region Head for Health, Family Welfare Med.Officer & RCH Dr. Pratibhaben R. Patel 2410955 9825801962
Deputy Exe. Engineer (Road Project, Sewerage D.Works) Shri Aalok P. Shah 9724318303
Dy. Exe. Engineer (Street Light) Shri Jatan S. Badheka PBX 9925021590
Dy. Exe. Engineer (Futuristic Planning Cell) Shri Bhargav Pandit PBX 9879619935
Dy. Exe. Engineer (Futuristic Planning Cell) Shri Kalpeshbhai Patel PBX 9727744372
Dy. Exe. Engineer (Futuristic Planning Cell) Shri Divyang Modi PBX 7069029132
Dy. Exe. Engineer (Futuristic Planning Cell) Shri Jignesh J.Shah PBX 9825221875
P.A. to Commissioner 2433344
Dy. Health Officer (East Zone) & I.C.D.S. Dr. Seemaben Tripathi 9825076369,
Dy. Health Officer (Central Zone) Dr. Chintu C. Zala 9909927424
Dy. Health Officer (West Zone) Dr. Minakshiben B. Chauhan 9879580223
Dy. Health Officer (North Zone) Dr. Ramesh Nayak 9909927435
Dy. Health Officer (South Zone)
I/c. Food Analyst (Public Health Lab.) Shri G. R. Gohil 2411433 9879065164
Zoo Curator Dr. Pratyush Girish Patankar 2784079 9638449825
Administrative Officer, Personnel Officer, Trainning Officer (General Adm. Dept.) & I/c. Co-Ordination Officer Shri Mahipal G. Zala PBX 9825801941
Administrative Officer (Legal) Shri Milan R. Hande 2433480 9687088111
Legal Advisor Shri Vijay K. Vairagi 2433480 9825178842
Press Manager Shri Alap U Patel 2412220 7069009516
I/c. Election Officer Shri Arvindbhai Patel PBX 9879615009,
O.S.D. (Census) & Ward Officer Shri Jitendra Bhrambhatt 9825803626
Deputy Assessor & Tax Collector & I/c. Labour Welfare cum Adm. Officer (Health) Shri Tushar Patel PBX 9825556698
Land and Estate Officer (Acquisition-Adm., Commercial) & I/c. Town Planning Officer Shri Mahesh M. Parnami PBX 9825579772,
Public Relation Officer PBX
Fire Station Officer (Panigate & Gajrawadi) Shri Bhargav N. Vyas 2513014/ 2580908 9879506992
Fire Station Officer (G.I.D.C.,Makarpura) Shri Nikunj Aazad 2631444 9712928101
Fire Station Officer (Wireless) Shri Randhir I. Raj 2413635 9879615049
Fire Station Officer (Dandiya Bazar) Shri Inayat Shaikh 2413635 9624611101
Fire Station Officer (Vadiwadi) Shri Parth G. Brahmbhatt 2343545 9924025094
Fire Station Officer (Chhani) Shri Om B. Jadeja 2772503 9879113101
Deputy Chief Accountant Shri Praful P. Savla PBX 9978444199
Sub-Registrar (Birth, Death and Marriage) Shri Hasmukh N. Patel 9825114717
Encroachment Removal Officer Shri RajeshKumar M. Mecvan PBX 9913285814
O.S.D.- Heritage Cell Shri Rajendra M. Shah 9898816181


Article Title: Vadodara Municipal Corporation Phone Numbers, Contact Numbers, Email ID, and More
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